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Real Estate Auditing Services, Inc. utilizes a multidisciplinary approach to identify and analyze problems of overbilling, inaccurate or inappropriate fees, as well as unrealized savings. We understand that these can significantly affect your company or firm's bottom line, and we are committed to addressing these issues before they get of hand.

Our work doesn’t stop at solving problems. We take our commitment a step further, helping our clients negotiate changes in documents, agreements, and/or assessment language that compound their savings year after year.

  • Commercial Lease Audits
  • Property Tax Analysis
  • Personal Property Tax Audits
  • FASB ASC842 Implementation/Integration
  • Cost Segregation Studies
  • Construction Audits
  • Due Diligence for Asset Sales and Acquisitions

Our Services

Establishing and maintaining a successful and cooperative landlord-tenant relationship is crucial to any company or firm. At Real Estate Auditing Services, Inc., we respect this partnership. We view commercial lease audit not as a nuisance to the landlord but as a way to strengthen his or her relationship with the tenant in the long run.

This effort yields a better landlord-tenant partnership built on trust and cooperation. It also brings positive results for both parties—a more economical operation for the tenant (our client) and a more effective tenant retention program for the landlord.

Our property tax audit service defines the lowest and most accurate assessment of your real estate tax, allowing our team to prepare an effective case for property tax reductions in the current year and for the years to come. We specialize in golf course appeals.

At Real Estate Auditing Services, Inc., we do not only analyze your property in terms of hard costs, site improvements, land values, and building costs. We also review the assessor's work cards, examining calculations and assumptions to ensure that no mistakes were made in their valuation methodology. This effort can save you tens of thousands of dollars each year.

Proper identification and categorizing of personal property within a company can be challenging, and only a few corporate teams have the time or capacity to manage it. Constant changes in tax laws and allowed deductions, as well as the sheer volume of legitimate personal property items, can even make things more complicated.

Our team can help you in effectively identifying, categorizing, and declaring the personal property to optimize deductions and achieve maximum tax savings. You can count on us to assist you in recapturing the funds that have been lost in the shuffle of everyday corporate finance.

Our proprietary personal property tax audit service is unique and provided on a contingency basis. Many of our clients find it an invaluable part of their fiscal management system.

All U.S. companies must begin reporting their leased assets on their balance sheets as a right-of-use asset and corresponding liability effective January 1, 2019. To help you navigate this new reporting requirement, we offer a specialized FASB implementation/integration program. Our qualified team of experts will ensure all leases are correctly identified and captured so that the balance sheet is properly stated to reflect all leases required by the new FASB ASC842 standard.

As the IRS states in its Cost Segregation Audit Techniques Guide – Chapter 2, “Therefore, it is desirable for taxpayers to maximize personal property in order to accelerate deductions and, hence, reduce tax liability.” Cost segregation is a valuable tax-saving technique that allows companies that have constructed, purchased, remodeled, or expanded their real property to accelerate their depreciation deductions, thereby increasing their cash flow and reducing their tax liability. Our team of experienced engineers and CPAs can perform an IRS-compliant cost segregation study that can provide immediate tax savings.

Overruns and invalid charges are more the rule than the exception for most construction projects. These unnecessary expenses are usually even more insidious and hidden in a not-to-exceed contract. During a construction audit, our team does the following:

  • Review all pertinent contracts, architectural drawings and site plans, AIA schedules, applications for payment, and change orders.
  • Compare and cross­check the reviewed documents against the contractor's general ledger, the project schedule timeline, and copies of all bids, including final contracts.
  • Provide a detailed report of all work performed as well as our findings and conclusions as a result of the audit process.
  • Coordinate communication of any audit issues with the general contractor, expediting recovery of any amounts owed to the client from the general contractor as well as providing post-settlement support.

Almost all commercial real estate sales include a pro forma financial statement for the property in question. However, our clients still find our due diligence services to be an extra layer of protection needed in these large real estate transactions. This service is designed with our clients’ best interests and their financial resources’ safety in mind, regardless if they are the buyer or the seller in the transaction.

When you need us

When You Need Us

Auditing Firm You Can Always Count On

Our services are geared toward helping you protect your company’s assets at various stages of the corporate lifecycle as well as during the different periods of the annual fiscal cycle. Our team of experts can provide you with solutions to all of your cost-saving or auditing problems, such as in the following:

  • Before or during a real estate transaction: With our due diligence services and reports, you can ensure that your business is on the right side of any real estate transaction.
  • Before, during, and/or after a construction project: Our detailed construction audits and analyses can save hundreds of thousands of dollars on cost overruns and overcharges.
  • When receiving an annual real property tax assessment: Our property tax audits provide a comprehensive, multidisciplinary analysis needed to effectively argue misappropriated or unfair property tax assessments.
  • When you are looking for or renegotiating your leased office space: Through our lease analysis and audits, we identify hidden fees or lease terms that are unfavorable for you.
  • When you are preparing annual corporate tax returns: We can help you with your personal property tax audits so you can optimize deductions and minimize tax payments.